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What to do during a pandemic? Make masks of course! Here's how!

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Hello all, 

I, like most of the world now, am at home trying to weather the storm that is raging called Covid-19. I feel truly fortunate and blessed to have a home sewing studio and access to all a need to create.

I started by asking my medical worker friends if they needed cloth face masks.. not really thinking they would because, of course we have enough PPE for our hospital workers, right? Well, apparently, there really is a bit of a shortage. So I made a few batches for local hospitals to wear over their n95 masks, then a few more for nurses and physical therapists coming into contact with people. Locals started asking me for some for their personal use. 

I am selling them to non medical workers as well as making the majority to give to medical workers. I am only selling them locally or in my Etsy  shop as my swimwear line is really what I want to get back into. 

Feel free to post and let me know how you are passing the time while in social isolation! 



Check out my sewing tutorials on Youtube! 

Round face mask tutorial

Pleated rectangle face mask tutorial

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