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Riding with my Gnomies! Face Mask with filter pocket and option of tie straps or elastic.

$ 15.00
Custom cloth face mask for NON medical worker.

These are made with two layers of cotton fabric with an opening to insert a filter if needed.

I am now making these with nylon/spandex ties to proved a snug fit without pulling on the ears. This makes it easy to pull off the face and quickly pull back on without having to re attach over the ears.

YOU MAY REQUEST around the ear elastic if you so desire. Please let me know upon ordering.

PLEASE!!!! NOTE: These are being made from a variety of printed cotton fabrics. The one's pictured are not necessarily the one you will be getting. Feel free to request girly or gender neutral if you like! OR IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC PRINT LET ME KNOW!!!

I am also making masks to donate to local medical workers. Please be advised that the fabric shown is not necessarily the same as the fabric pictured. Much of my fabric has been used to donate to local medical workers .

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