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Latest designs and photoshoot outtakes

One of the most rewarding things as a designer is getting a new design into production. I was working on a top style last Fall when a friend tried it on and told me what her dream top would be like. I modified my new design and the Leah top is the result. This top has over the shoulder straps, no underwire, strappy cris-cross in front and a comfortable underband. Think of it as a yoga waist band for your bra. 

The Leah top is perfect for all sizes even large busts. There's not an uncomfortable knot at the nape of your neck and I make them all custom sized. Sounds perfect, right? Well it's the most perfectly comfortable swim top I have designed so far. 

Earlier this month one of my models took a few of my swimsuits to a photo shoot and had some fun, poolside, inside and even in cars! I will let the photos speak for themselves. 

Special thanks to Briana Deshields and Athena. They can be found here: 

Instagram @eye.of.athena  and @briana_deshields




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