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The Dog Days of Summer.

 I  am waiting for the water to boil for my last lobster dinner in Maine. In the south, schools start early and get out in late May. I will return to the hot humid rain forest of Florida and get ready for yet another school year. My youngest will be a freshman in High School. Where does the time go? 

We have had an amazing summer break, complete with whale sightings, icy Maine swims, and lots of boating. I am rested and ready to return to Florida and even the oppressive Florida heat. 

I've been working on newer swimsuit top styles that are so comfortable, you will want to wear your new swim top as a bra. It even inspired me make a prototype bra just before this trip. I am hoping to have it ready for Winter 2019.  I simply cannot wait to get back to my machines, my designs, and my work. 

Whether you are on the road about to embark on a great summer getaway or just taking it easy in your own home, take a peek at my newer styles. The Be-Bops travel pants are light and perfect and, get this . . .  they never wrinkle. Ever. The comfort stretchy yoga waistband works with you. Put together a perfect getaway bag for your car. Toss in the Be-Bops travel pants, and swimsuit along with your towel and sunscreen.

Adventure is out there. Be ready. 

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